Title 2 Firearms

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Title 2 firearms are full-automatic rifles, pistols, and shotguns that are Restricted NFA Firearms.

Title 2 firearms, or NFA firearms, are full-automatic weapons under the United States National Firearms Act (NFA). These weapons require a Type 01 Federal Firearms License (FFL) and a Class 3 Special Occupation Tax (SOT) to buy, sell, transfer, or manufacture and an ATF Form 4 (transfer of registration) with $200 Tax Stamp with submission of biometric data including Finger prints to the U.S. Government!

Title 2 firearms can not be owned or built by U.S. citizens without the necessary Federal Firearms License (FFL) with a Special Occupational Tax (SOT) can legally possess Title 2 Firearms.

Firearm Title Certificate of Title for a Firearm is issued by the Firearm Title Company at firearmtitlecompany.com